Eduardo Martos

Eduardo Martos

Software Architect & Entrepreneur

About Me

Software Architect with 15+ years of experience, specialized in web development and chatbots. I currently run a software company, a photography company and my own brand as a writer.

I have found that my greatest strength is my versatility. I feel comfortable both in the management and the technical aspect of a project. I have good communication, training and leadership skills.

Life is short and I want to be better every day. So I appreciate when someone makes me see my own flaws. In my career, I have learned a lot from listening to my colleagues.

Professional background

  • Total experience: years (since 2003)
  • Experience as a Developer: 15+ years
  • Experience as a Project Manager: 10+ years
  • Experience as a Freelancer: years (since 2010)
  • Projects achieved: 50+
  • Drupal modules developed: 50+
  • Companies: 10+

My personal projects


A PHP development framework.

View on BitBucket


A PDF generator tool with a versatile database backend. Based on phpRAD.

View on BitBucket


A Database Version Control tool. Based on phpRAD.

View on BitBucket


A backend system to send and receive data in background. Based on phpRAD.

View on BitBucket


A marketplace for selling, buying and interchanging graves, niches, mausoleums and columbaria. Developed with Drupal (code not available).

View live


Non-profit website to locate missing people and pets.

View live

See more projects on Natiboo, my ICT company

Work Experience

Founder & Software Architect - Natiboo (October 2010 - Present)

Co-Founder & Software Architect - IdesBot (March 2017 - March 2018)

Software Developer (see note) - Cocomore (January 2017 - February 2017)

Software Architect - Module 7 GmbH (February 2016 - January 2017)

Software Architect & DevOps - Everis (January 2015 - February 2016)

Project Manager - Fundación Progreso y Salud (March 2009 - October 2010)

Project Manager - Caymasa El Sendero (May 2008 - October 2010)

Software Developer - Ximetrix Network Thoughts (May 2007 - May 2008)

Project Manager & Software Developer - AGAEX Informática (November 2005 - May 2007)

Software Developer - SOLTEL (February 2003 - November 2005)

Software Developer - Bufosof (August 2003 - August 2005)

Support Technician - Bufosof (March 2002 - April 2002)

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